Steps To Take When Replacing Windows

Replacing WindowsSometimes when you own a home and you are in the process of remodeling, it’s cheaper to do window replacement by yourself rather than hiring professionals. The budget can quickly spiral out of control when you are redoing the home. You need to find ways to cut costs before they explode and a quick way is by going the do-it-yourself -route. You will need a dumpster for all the waste you produce, check out Las Vegas Dumpster Rental HQ for all your dumpster rental services. But before you replace a window you must have the adequate knowledge on how it’s done. This is a quick guide line of the steps you can take to properly replace your windows.

Step 1. Measurements

  • These are the simple basics of construction, you’re A, B, and Cs is more of a proper analogy. Take measurements of the old window that you want to replace. For an accurate reading measure the window at three different positions, the left, the middle and the right. This should be done from top of the window sill to the bottom.
  • Measure again the window sill along the horizontal axis making sure that you repeat the above process of top, middle and the bottom side.
  • Finally measure the old window diagonally and write down all the measurements that you have taken.

Step 2. Removing the window that is to be replaced

  • There are stop pieces that you have to be careful of on the window because chances are you will probably re-use them. The stop pieces are located at the right sides and the left side of the window. Remove them carefully. If they do get damaged a quick fix is to fill the damaged areas with wood filler that will be later sanded after it has dried. Also since the new window will have a newish look a good idea is to repaint the stop pieces.
  • The inside sash of the old window will be easy to separate from the frame because you removed the stop pieces first.
  • Remove the outside sash. The exterior stops shouldn’t be touched because they will give you a rough guide when placing the new window.
  • Clean the window frame of protruding materials like nails and screws.
  • Inspect the wood to see if there is any damage that can’t be fixed.

Step3. Placing the new Window

  • Caulk should be placed on the inside area of the outside stops.
  • Balance the new window as you slide it into the window frame until it fits properly.
  • Place the mounting screws in each and every one of the jamb.
  • Check if the new window fits into the frame and that it’s working properly.
  • Caulk the interior area of the new window as the stops are reattached.

That’s it, you now have a fully functioning window, if you feel that doing this is too difficult you could always hire a professional.

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