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Posted on 03/15/09 by mtw

After a brief emergency meeting, the quorum of ITC schools came about a few major decisions:

  1. An annual election is to occur during the invitational period to select a permanent ITC board that will govern the group for the duration of one year until the next invitational.
  2. The board will consist of:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Social Chair/Historian
    • Webmaster
  3. This board, once elected at Invitational 09 (Irvine), will be slated for the task of creating a revised constitution which will be pending the approval of the council (1 voting member from each group) come the summer 09 meeting.
  4. For the Invitational ITC meeting, up to 4 (or 5?) people from each representative group may appear (still only 1 vote per group) and will discuss the creation of the board. These four or five people should include at least one current and potential leadership member, any candidates for the ITC board positions, and any other interested persons should the above not surpass the 4 or 5 person limit.
  5. The duties of the board members are open to discussion in the forum in the Upcoming Events section of the ITC announcements. If you are trying to post and find your self unable to, please contact Scott Ichikawa at scott.ichikawa (at) or send a PM. Please include your wanted post and he will add the post to the section as well as change the permissions on your account so that this problem should not arise again.

Discuss on the forum post.


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