Build Your Dream Patio

When you decide to start building a dream patio, it is a good idea to talk it over with friends and relatives so that you can start accumulation ideas and forcast the ideas that might not be so good. For the example in this article we are going to say that this patio is a long held-off brick patio design that is finally being put into motion.

Before going any further into this article, please be aware that you will be creating a lot of waste materials such as dirt, brick and other waste materials so call up your local dumpster rental atlanta hauler to get dumpster rental prices and sizes for the disposal of your junk. This will drastically clear up your working space and decrease any chances of injury when clearing out work area space.

Now, decide on the location of your new patio. Do you want in in front of your house, near the side or out back for more privacy. Things such as, where does the sunset and sunrise would be good know so that you can enjoy both sunsets, and sunrises if that is why you are building your patio.

How big will you want your patio? To minimize the cutting of your bricks, you may not want to have a curvy shape and instead, have a natural shape. Costs will increase the more you have to cut the bricks to shape for your desired curvature of your patio.

After realizing your shape, it’s time to excavate the site. The general rule of thumb is to dig at least 5-7 inches so that your patio stays sturdy over time. It will stay sturdy because of the couple of layers of brick you have below the surface.

Lastly, enjoy your new patio and invite others to come and share the new space with you. Your neighbors will be glad they have someone that knows how to entertain and you can be proud that you are that specific person doing the entertaining!

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